Having better sex is something most people long for all their lives. Having an active penis for a man means a happy and executive sex life for most men. Unfortunately, most men are hesitant to explore the available options for improving their sex lives. Some of the sexual implements in the market have positive outcomes in the bedroom as opposed to others that may have adverse implications to the penis health. You could consider trying something new to your routine and see if it works for you. The sex toy could serve you and your partner well in your romantic life.

What is a penis sleeve?

Also known as a Sheath, it is a cylindrical object designed to fit over man’s penis hence adding its dimension, shape, length or girth.

What is it made of?

The sleeve can be made from any material. In the olden days, sleeves were made from the sheep’s bladders which also gave a combination sleeve and served as a contraceptive condom. In recent times, sleeves are made from materials such as plastic, rubber or silicone. The main intention is not to cover the entire shaft hence are designed to be hollow for easy insertion of the member. In some cases, the sleeves may be open in one or both ends. The covering shell may sometimes have some openings or made solid. They are designed with bumped and lumps to provide more stimulation to the partner during the intercourse. Some of them are smooth, but different women prefer different textures.

How to fit and use Sleeves?

Most sleeves are often self-attaching to the member whereby they have a tight fit opening where the penis is inserted. You may find that sometimes the whole sleeve is too tight for the erect member which prevents it from falling off. Some sleeves also come with straps that you can tie around the testicles to prevent it from falling off during the exercise. These kinds of strapped sleeves act as a testicle cuff for the device lovers. All the textures and sizes in the market are hollow in the inside and have at least one opening where the member is inserted and extends as far as possible into the PENIS SLEEVE.

With the help of the sleeve, the man can enjoy additional length or girth to his erect member which allows for a happy romantic life to his partner. The extra length could go from a few fractions of an inch or several inches depending on the model. This change of shape and size to a woman changes the routing and improves the lovemaking while adjusting the pace and therefore a new experience to the partner. The man also gets to enjoy a substantial amount of the experience. The chosen sleeve should be in a position whereby it fits snugly to the erect member. When the friction of the sleeve combines with that of thrusting vagina, a new and very pleasurable sensation is created to the partners.

There are various advantages of using penis sleeves. The additional dimensions, bumps, and lumps give more sexual stimulation and satisfaction to the partner. The man also gains more stimulation through the friction caused by the tight fit on their erect member. Most men also have an erotically charged psychological reaction from wearing the sleeve. By just looking at the increased size of their penis they tend to have a turn-on by simply giving extra attention to the member.