Have you ever hit the club only to find an attractive girl who seems to be out of your league? What if she is an escort? She might be waiting for you to approach her while you are asking yourself a thousand questions. Here are some signs that can help you tell if someone is an escort:

  • She is by herself and is acting super friendly. She might have a friend and they might be attracting men like flowers attract bees.
  • She tries to approach you and is extra flirty. If she asks you if you want to party then she might have a plan.
  • She is wearing designers’ clothes but when you ask her about what she does for a living, she won’t tell you much about her job.
  • If you can check her Instagram and see that she has been taking pictures all over the world.
  • All of her pictures are selfies or taken alone.
  • You can see that she knows a lot of celebrities.

If you see some or all of these signs then this is probably an escort. Why not approach her and try to have a great time?